UTran Technology , Inc. strives to provide customers with the best engineering solutions possible to meet their needs. Our main goal is to create positive and productive business relationships with both our partners and customers.

Our expertise is in the customized design of Storage related H/W and S/W, including RAID Array, and HDD Duplicator. With over 20 Years combined R&D experience in the field of Storage, we take the responsibility doing research, design, service, and quality assurance; which guarantees to meet, and even exceed the expectations of our customers. Some of our satisfied customers include several fortune 500 companies who are well known in the electronics industry.

In response to the recent popularity of hard drives as a common mass media storage unit, we have developed many professional tools to meet all level of customers needs. Our products have received highly positive recognition across the board for reliability and productivity.


History Footprint

2008 /05 was established mainly for the disk array sales

2008 /11 introduced RAID RAID1 Model UT_SR101BM Series

2009 /08 series launched UT_5050

2009 /09 series launch UT_HDC_5035

2009 /12 introduced RAID 3, Model 2 gene UT_5023 first

2010 /03 launch UT_3020 RAID1 Controller

2010 /04 release UT_3022 RAID1 Controller

2010 /04 turn introduced RAID 1 3 Model UT_5013L

2010 /06 RAID 2 to 3 launch Model UT_5023I second-generation

2012 /03 UT_5013 change the model name to UT_525 series, UT_5023 change the model name to UT_535 series, UT_5050 change the model name to UT_5035 series, UT_3020 change the model name to UT_260 series, UT_3022 change the model name to UT_266 series.

2015 /Q1 Announced standard 19” SAS 6G JBOD for 2U and 4U form factor.

2015 /Q4 Announced standard 19” SAS 12G JBOD for 2U and 4U form factor.

2016 /Q1 Announced NVMe related products, including 2U24bay NVMe JBOF,Internal/External host adapter card.