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UT-266 Series is a hardware-based disk array supports two 2.5-inch hard drive,User can additional purchase an external LCD module , The external LCD modules have two options, a 3.5-inch, another 5.25 inches , The UT266 body can be set the RAID mode directly by the jumper , or through an external LCD controller that can monitoring system status.
Raid support models include RAID 0, 1, JBOD, PM, the Upgrade RAID 1, can prevent data loss caused by hard disk damage in order to ensure data security.
Online bad sector detection and repair early prevent hard disk damage, to avoid the two hard drives at the same time damage.
Supports hot-swappable. Data auto-rebuild, you can directly update the hard disk when hard disk is damaged, do not have to shut down.
UT_266 Series is a hardware-accelerated RAID controller, applicable to all operating systems, such as Windows XP/2000/2003/Win7, Apple Mac, Linux, and so on, the host system does not need to install additional drivers or proprietary software. Apply to the DVR, network server, workstation, industrial computer systems without stopping the machine and PC data storage.

◆Host Interface : 3.0Gbps SATA II PORT (Compatible with SATAI / II / III).
◆Disk Interface : 3.0Gbps SATAII PORT (2.5" Hard Disk) (compatible with SATAI / II / III).
◆Support RAID 0, 1, JBOD, PM , the Upgrade RAID 1 (Note 1).
◆Support big drive over 2000GB.
◆Support hard disk interleaving delay start function to reduce the power consumption at boot time.
◆Hardware-accelerated RAID controller, no additional driver needed. Plug and Play.
◆Computer without shutdown, support hot-swappable hard drives, data is automatically rebuilt.
◆Support for Windows / Linux / MAC monitor software, more convenient operation.
◆Built-in HDD status LED indicators, and independent LED lights to display the hard disk read and write state.
◆Support voltage, temperature monitor abnormal indicator and beep.
◆Supports drive roaming technology.
◆Support automatic data auto-rebuild, the maximum rebuilding rate over 200GB per hour.
◆Automatic drive failure detection, and support online bad sector detect and repair function.
◆Support sleep power saving mode.
◆Dimension: 146(L)x 102(W)x 26(H)mm.
Upgrade RAID1 : upgrade your disk became a fault-tolerant RAID1 subsystem.When use this function, original disk must put into HDD1 position and the new disk must put into HDD2 position.
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